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This design concept is based on Hephaestus / Vulcan, the Greek/Roman God of Fire who is also the Blacksmith of the Gods :

The reasons for choosing the God of Fire for inspiration is pretty obvious for this CAP, but I really like Hephaestus for this CAP because he is a blacksmith and is kinda the ultimate support character of all the major gods of the Greek/Roman pantheon. This sketch is pretty crude at this point, but it's a placeholder for me to come back to later, if I decide to actually make this a real design. We'll see how this CAP plays out, and hopefully the abilty, stats, and other stuff won't kill this design concept. As a lifelong fan of greek mythology, I'd love to do a CAP design based on a mythology character. We'll see!
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It's been some time since I posted my initial design sketch, and I've actually come up with a couple other different concepts since then. Depending on the abilities that get voted on, which one I end up focusing on will inevitably be skewed toward one's favor. Or maybe I'll make a fourth one if all else fails!

Anyway, the first design is my previously posted ophidian ophanim. I made a rough clay sculpture at one point to get an idea of how to draw the coiling body, though it obviously still needs a bit of ironing out:

Next up is a Deinocheirus with a volcano on its back. The animal was notable for having a sizeable, hump-like "sail," and I felt it was only fitting to incorporate a volcano into the design:

Lastly (and most recently), I came up with a glassblower dragon submerged in a pool of magma. The idea is that it super-heats the ground around it, to the point that it solidifies into volcanic glass. Obviously a very rough sketch, but this might be the closest of the three designs thus far to fit the offensive support concept:

I'll be looking forward to how abilities pan out, and I'm anxiously awaiting the point where the ability we voted on inevitably throws everyone (else)'s designs into disarray! XD
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Something about the last idea I had wasnt sitting right, so I tried something more fun:

My Desperado dragon! Based off of horned lizards that shoot blood from their eyes as well as wild west baddies, this guy shoots fire instead! He also has a whiplike tail that can set on fire. He licks his eyes to put out the burning. The markings on his chest are based off of bullet holes, based off a famous picture of a dead bandit if anyone is wondering. I wanted to have a fun design, so Im kinda gen8-ing the body to make it something more original in the pool of existing dragons.

Any feedback is appreciated, once the ability discussion begins i will probably make a feedback post for other ppl :)
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Since there is basically no feedback in the thread, here goes. Just some designs that I had comments on. A few that I didn't comment on kinda seem pretty solid already.

Hematite: I think the idea of a birthday candle dragon is great and unique. That said, I don't know that the idea comes across in the design. Could just be me, but from just looking at it without reading the description, I can't tell what it's supposed to be. It kind of looks like an electric type based on wires until you read the details. Still, I love the idea and I think maybe taking it to a more extreme place would be helpful.

DrifblooomCF: Another neat idea. So far not bad. I think a good color palate will really help sell the design.

Amamama: I think it's a great design already. Maybe in need of a little streamlining as it is kinda busy, but overall I really like it.

Morghulis: Candle dragon is one of my favorite ideas so far. The sketches so far are nice, but I would love to see someone take this idea and make it BIG. Like... A dragon that is a full blown altar with dozens of candles. I would also love to see a sketch of the candelabra idea, as I think that could be really interesting.

Reiga: I like both ideas, but I prefer the ruby seadragon more. Even though there are already two sea dragon pokemon, I personally can't have enough. As animals they're natural "design" is such a good base for different thematic dressings. A lava dragon would be a nice complement to the pair we already have.

AncientCrucible: Love the idea of a dragon hoarding his chunk of gold. There's a lot of personality in the face and how he's sort of wrapped around his treasure. I also like that it mostly reads more dragon than bird.

Prankstertrollo: When abilities come through, definitely try and incorporate something unique in the design, as I don't think it stands out very well as is.

Slapperfish: I would love to see the idea of a glassblower dragon developed more. It's very unique and there are all sorts of opportunities for cool shapes and color schemes.

Pipotchi: I liked the science experiment dragon, thought it was an interesting idea. But if it doesn't sit right with you, there's no point in forcing it. Wild west horned lizard is a good idea as well that has a lot of personality.
Still improving...adding the scovile colors to the rest of the body.


-Scovile Scale + -loyal
-Basilisk Dragon + -very protective
-Serene Grace(looks)+Sticky Hold( adhesive substance that makes minerals/rocks stick) + -intimidating
-Serpent + -very wise
-Large and bulky + -fierce fighter
-Fast attackers (serpent are known to be giving fast bites) + -hostile to others
-Based off of moves like Fire Spin, Stealth Rock, Glare, Burn Up, +
and Will-o-Wisp
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Having gotten feedback from the CAP Discord about my naga design, I realized that the randomized curliness of the previous draft was unbecoming of what's supposed to be a cartoony Pokemon-like design, which necessitated a do-over. I took a page from Toxtricity's head fins this time around for the hood, and continued the swirliness of the "beard" and the back of the jaw to the fins as well for consistency, while also having the tail fin sport the same spiky look as the hood. A few extra rings, some gauntlets, and a necklace-like armor piece with some extra jewels later, and voila, a design which I think looks much better! I also added shading after I was satisfied with how it turned out, so all that's left is the support art, but that'll probably not come until after the abilities are decided. ^^;

Special thanks to everyone who provided tips and pointers, especially Cretacerus, Salient, and Quanyails!

HD version:
Worked a little bit more on the candle concept! Based on a hydra and a candelabra -- rough sketch for rn. Probably won't ideate too much further til abilities are settled


Definitely need to try to make them look less bird like :l
Since I’m bored right now, having to stay at home I’m throwing in my feedback to some of the current design.

It is a nice and clean Pokémon Design that doesn’t stack too many influences. I really like that you allude to the supporting character of cap 27 with the superhero theme.
I think if you find a way to strengthen that trait, without overloading the design, it will be a really strong choice for 27s design.

I also considered a salamander. And I’m happy I didn’t go for it, as I don’t think I could have come up with anything as creative and cute as this and even if I did, this would probably be one of my favorites.
I’m excited to see how you will factor in abilities and stats.

Again I like the simplicity of the approach it might not have as much personality as others and it might need some more work, but it is still a cool option and everyone else will bite their a.... when grassy surge wins ability and a solar themed dragon is the best option.

Gravity Monkey
This is a really cool design. the update really made it even better. I really love the Idea and the execution. Right now it leans a bit ghostly for my liking but it’s still a design id happily accept as a winning entry.

Idon’t know about the chimera, but I really love the sea dragon. It’s already a cool design and I’ve even come to like its corvat, which I didn’t think would fit at first. The real life sea dragons are such a good reference that I wish they’d made the eeveelitions based on this.

I really love the shape and designalthough it’s a bit close to naganadel right now. If you’re going to work with this you’d probably need to differentiate it more.

This is my second favorite design right now. It’s got such a cool shape and the design idea is pretty neat. I think you should include a sketch of the closed cape so one can see the reference to the volcano.

Dragatuille rules! It’s face looks a bit sealish right now but the concept is heat.
The new versions of the Firework dragon are also cool. Definitely something I’d vote for.

the sketch is so good and already shows a strong personality. And I really like the design reference.
Im interested to see its color scheme.
I don’t think there is much you could do to improve it right now.

I think the glassblower dragon is the hottest concept of the three.
That said I don’t really like the design right now. It says more rock type and kinda lacks simplicity. With glass as its concept I’d hope for something more elegant. But that is my personal inclination.
The Ringsnake is cool design wise and has a neat concept.
The Dino is just too much Smokomodo.

Sorry for the hype.
But this is serious Gym Leader or Antagonist Signature Pokémon vibes.
This design doesn’t even say I’m a fire dragon or even only a dragon and still I’d vote for it in a heartbeat for this concept.
All the design elements just flow so nicely together and create so much personality, that it doesn’t even need improvement.
If you’d chose to do some improvements, you could enhance the readability of its bandana and the bulletholes and try different color schemes to veer it away from fire/dark/steel/rock.

This is a really cool and elegant design. I’m not too keen about the color Choices but else it looks really cool and is based off a strong concept.

Also a really good design, that has improved much since the first sketch.
I still don’t like the color scheme as gradient are kind of rare in Pokémon and having a solid color wouldn’t take away much of its style. Also the color of the armor is a bit harsh in contras

I really liked the concept from its first stage. It looks cute and is very original. I think you could try going overboard with the number of heads and make them a bit more dragony, creating a sort of hydra altar or something as right now this reads more as a second stage Pokémon.
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The whole point of it is me trying a cool design based on a ridiculous pairing of a dragon and a baker, it seems I've been beaten to a punch, but whatever. One additional note is that it isn't a real tail, using a flame to replicate a tail. Let's how long will my design last.

Expect me to do some minor tweaks unless it gets some weird ability like Levitate (hopefully they won't be insane enough to do so).
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EDIT: I worked in the concept a little more, it has flames in this nostrils and the tail in similar position, and has some spikes like claws in edge of the wings to make the back a mirror of the front. Any feedback its appreciate!

My inspiration for this concept is a Amphisbaena, that is a two headed serpent creature from greek mythology. That's also a name for a real animal, typically know as two-headed snake where I live, but is actually a amphibian and his tail just look like a head.

The idea is that use the second head to trick the oponnent, confuse him and playing dirty to win.
I probably gonna stick with the head shape, just ajust to make the head and tail look more similar and natural. Maybe I gonna use just one pair of legs and wings, more like de mythical creature :p
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Here are two sketches of my CAP-27 design submission.
Its overall aspect is based on the Chinese mythical beast named Qilin (basically a mix between a horse and a dragon), whose head is stuck inside a magic old lamp. At its neck, the lamp is splitted into sharp pieces which form two parts of an articulated jaw. The pokemon gets two shorts wings at its back, which ends in a long elegant misty tail . At last, its chest is covered by fluffy fur, with some 'fake dragon balls' crimped in.

Second sketch is more for its attitude : because its head is completely stucked, the pokemon suffers severe itching, pushing it to constantly scratch.
As a result, the magical lamp is rubbed and a wish is granted, which, I think, suits well the cleric archetype of CAP 27. (Nevertheless, I'm new and I'm not sure if this type of thing is allowed at this stage of creation.)

Thank you. I agree with you. I certainly was unconsciously influenced by Silvally design. So I will explore new possibilities for it.
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Kaiju Bunny

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Managed to fix up some quick wips, the design I made was based on a fox/dragon hybrid.

For the fox bit, in many cultures, foxes represent fire, most notably in Native American culture, where foxes were depicted as being ones who brought fire to humankind.

For the dragon bit, I felt the slender and sleekness of an average Eastern dragon fit well with the slyness of a fox. In addition, I felt the whiskers could more easily represent small tendrils of smoke (which the whiskers were meant to wave on their own with this design to help push that idea).

While the image explains it a bit, some added flavor for this hybrid would be that it's very proud of its soft and warm fur which holds in highly combustible live embers, and will actively let anyone pet it, though if you happen to pet too much, the fur can ignite from friction and explode, showering anyone or anything in small but dangerously fiery scales

Things will probs change with the ability, but for now, this is a basic rundown c:
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Given that the typing of CAP27 is Dragon/Fire with "Offensive Support" in mind, I decided that I would start with a dragon (offense), and add features that convey a sense of serenity and grace (support). I decided that a fusion of a Dragon and a Peacock would be ideal. In Hinduism, fire is considered a symbol of purity as it's the only religious element (the others being water, air, and earth) that cannot be polluted, so I decided to add some Hindu influences and designs to give the essence of fire and purity. The Bindi on the head, shawl-like wings, flame-like patterns, fire along the spine, and deconstructed Om on the tail help to achieve this. Thanks for all the support from the CAP discord, I hope you all like it and look forward to the final product!
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Banned deucer.

Supporting Art

Originally I was going to wait until a third page popped up to post this, but my creative juices have been flowing too hard to wait and show it off! I ultimately decided to go with my glassblower dragon design, this time based moreso on a traditional cockatrice/basilisk. The molten glass aspect of the design was conceptualized as a subversion to the fact that dragons in popular media traditionally breathe fire.

As mentioned prior, the idea is that its body quickly super-heats the ground around it, to the point that it melts and cools into volcanic glass. It can also use the glass as a shield by slinging the lava in front of itself and forming a barrier, or as a deadly projectile by shooting the glass bubble out of its nostrils at high speeds. I also added elements of athletic swimmers in the supporting art, both to show off its speed and how it travels along the ground, since it moves a bit awkwardly outside of its designated pool.

Big thanks to everyone over on Discord for helping to steer this design in the right direction!
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Thank you. I agree with you. I certainly was unconsciously influenced by Silvally design. So I will explore new possibilities for it.
Honestly, I thought it was fine. Maybe exaggerate that the front shoulders are a little higher than the hips or adjust the design of the feet, if you want to differentiate it more, but I really don't think you need to throw out your design and start over or anything. I think the flag tail and the teapot head were fun and original, and the lack of bird-like talons as front legs made it clear that this wasn't Silvally.


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Your Design is by far my favorite so far due to the amount of potential it has to "grow" as you put it. I think you should give it a more offensive streamlined design because as of right now its rather boring and looks lazy. You should definitely keep the smile though because it makes it look cute af. I like how "dinky" it looks I just think it needs to look a tad more active if you will.

A frilled lizard is an awesome design for a Fire/Dragon type. However as of right now your design lacks a fire aspect. I would recommend making its frill entirely made of flames much like the flames on Typhlosions back. Otherwise I really love your design it looks very streamlined and simple.

your first design on your most recent post, the fire cracker dragon, is by far my most favorite of your three. I don't really know what else to say I just figured I'd let you know since you 3 designs
Your Manticore looks really slick and it is a nice change of pace from all the traditional dragons shown on here. Look forward to seeing more art from it and are currently my favorite.
Your Hydra is also a very nice concept. Unique and would have never thought of that myself. Currently my close second favorite but might change when I see the finalized design
Your Wyvern is probably the best looking "Dragon" Dragon imo. Looks great.

CAP 27.jpg

Going off of the cleric concept, I decided to base my design off of the caduceus, the staff with the snakes commonly associated with medicine, which, of course, lends itself to the idea of support. From this concept, I decided to change the two snakes on the staff into a single, two-headed dragon, and then reworked the wings typically found on the staff into the wings of the dragon. For the fire typing, I added a flame on the end of the tail in a charizard-esque fashion, but mainly conveyed the type through the magical staff being fire-based. I hope you guys like the design, and any constructive criticism is appreciated!
Going off of the cleric concept, I decided to base my design off of the caduceus, the staff with the snakes commonly associated with medicine, which, of course, lends itself to the idea of support. From this concept, I decided to change the two snakes on the staff into a single, two-headed dragon, and then reworked the wings typically found on the staff into the wings of the dragon. For the fire typing, I added a flame on the end of the tail in a charizard-esque fashion, but mainly conveyed the type through the magical staff being fire-based. I hope you guys like the design, and any constructive criticism is appreciated!
I love the approach you've taken with this design actually (along with quite a few others in the thread), but I did just want to throw out there, since it's come up before. The Caduceus is not the medical staff; that would be the Rod of Asclepius, which only has one snake and no wings. With that said, the Caduceus itself still has a lot of properties that would lend to support! It's carried by Hermes/Mercury, the herald/messenger of the gods and has associations with swiftness, the metal mercury (poison?), sleeping and wakefulness, and minor power with life and death.

Since there is some stuff on the abilities slate that doesn’t really say ugly fat toad, I wipped up another idea.

Not going to deep into references and influences right now since ptouch and regenerator might still make the cut but here it is.



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Abilities are a great way to get inspiration for a design that was missing something! They inspired these next iterations. :D The designs are still subject to change, of course.

Click the thumbnails to see the full-size image.


The firework dragon felt like it was missing another theme to really make it cohesive. Basing the design on an axolotl to support Regenerator made me change the head mane to something more like frills. Then, I noticed that the frills, streamers, and starlight themes made me think of Sailor Moon, so I added some magical girl inspiration to the design. :P I suppose that inspiration works with the more "magical" abilities Serene Grace/Magic Bounce/Multiscale as well. :P

Old iteration, for reference:


I was dissatisfied with the prospect of another bipedal lizard with volcano and smoke themes. Reiga was very helpful in suggesting a chimney/alternative theme besides the volcano, which led to an oven-themed design instead. I also nudged the chef in the direction of a gecko here, which helped make the limbs, eyebrows, and tail shape less generic. :)


Thanks to the following people on Discord for their feedback! You're all indispensable for pushing these designs to be more cohesive!
  • Clambats
  • Magistrum
  • MrDollSteak
  • Mova
  • Nemmy
  • pileosand
  • pip
  • Reiga
  • Slapperfish
  • Sunfished

Design Justification
it is based on the monarch butterfly and generally an Amphithere dragon.
• Because it is based on this species of butterfly that is toxic it can produce toxic scales that can be used for both attack and defense. It is inevitable to think of a butterfly with healing abilities making sense of being a cleric trickster.
• In his dragon part, which is based on Amphithere, he is an apparently offensive and high-speed pokemon with a useful face.
• It is easy to notice that his body is made almost everything from fire, and it is proprosital showing a regeneration of this mon, on the physique of this dragon he cannot have arms but easily he can strike almost lethal blows with his sickle-shaped syrup.

I was looking to see magic and a dark tone at CAP with a focus on innovation and bring something beautiful.

Thanks to everyone who managed to read and not fall asleep <3
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